21+ at Shutaf

Inclusive weekly gathering for adults, 21-30, with and without disabilities.

21+ at Shutaf is a supportive social environment where adults can meet friends and spend time together. Shutaf Mentors are present in order assist and guide each group member in finding and establishing their independence. as well as assist the group with the skills needed to choose and plan social gatherings. Once a month, the group will plan and enjoy different outings, arranged according to their interests, time constraints, and budgets. The group will also spend time focusing on using their smartphones and tablets to aid independent living and everyday activities with relevant apps such as Moovit, Google Maps, and more.

Our Partners

Bader Philanthropies . The Jewish Federation Of Greater Washington . The Jewish Federation In The Heart Of New Jersey . The Good People Fund . Medtronic . Natam . The Jerusalem Rotary Club . Jewish Child's Day