Board of Directors

Dr. Raviv Schwartz

Chairperson, Nonprofit Educator

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facebook Raviv Roger Schwartz

Rabbi Don Goor

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facebook Donald Goor

GabriellaGabriella Shizaf

Parent Advocate

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facebook gabriella.shizaf

twitter @gshizaf

Guy Millo

Guy Millo

CEO, Da’at Educational Expeditions

Rami Sar Shalom

Rami Sar Shalom

CEO and Owner of Peamit

sharonSharon Soffer

Parent Advocate

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facebook Sharon Soffer 

Advisory Council

Adina Abramowitz Consulting for Change

Elise Bernhardt President, American Academy in Jerusalem

Howard Blas Director, Tikvah Program, Ramah New England

Rabbi Debra Cantor Temple Sinai, West Hartford, CT

Rabbi Richard & Sharon Hammerman

Sara Rubinow Simon Special Education Consultant

Rabbi Loren Sykes CEO, Fuchsberg Center, USCJ, Jerusalem

Our Partners

Bader Philanthropies . The Jewish Federation Of Greater Washington . The Jewish Federation In The Heart Of New Jersey . The Good People Fund . Medtronic . Natam . The Jerusalem Rotary Club . Jewish Child's Day