Cooking Together During Corona

Community Dinners at Shutaf are a busy and fun evening for teens with disabilities who enjoy planning, shopping, preparing and sharing a meal together. There’s lots of opportunity for socializing while chopping and cooking as well as eating, and of course, everyone’s favorite task, cleaning up!

Here’s a menu that you can prepare at home whether you’re on your own or sharing Corona time with others. You can choose to make either the Quinoa with Sautéed Vegetables or Red Ptitim, an orzo like round pasta (or both if you’ve got a bigger group of eaters). Combine it with a leafy lettuce salad or a chopped vegetable salad, and finish off your meal with a light and simple baked cheesecake.

Shutaf teen, David Tzvi decided to cook all three of the recipes we are sharing today, using the skills and recipes he's learned at Shutaf's Young Leadership Program. His family was amazed and so pleased to enjoy the food he prepared.

Cooking with the family is a way to cope when everyone's at home and eating 3 meals a day!

Recipes are on this link here. Click to download. 

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