Shutaf Camp Day 4 – From Joelle Lang

Conversation about inclusion and its immense importance for our society is key to its future survival, success, and expansion. 

This week, members of the Knesset, namely Yesh Atid’s Dov Lipman, Ronen Hoffman, and Karin Alharrar, came to Camp Shutaf to discuss the camp and its mission of inclusion.  They received a tour of the camp and peeked in on some camp activities. They witnessed the Shutaf campers dancing “gangam style” at Zumba and hammering nails into a knock-hockey set at woodworking.  They gladly posed for pictures with some lucky campers, or should I say the campers gladly posed with some lucky Knesset members.

MK pic

Afterwards, the MKs were invited to converse with Shutaf’s junior counselors.  The MKs posed heavy questions for the Shutaf members such as, “what does Shutaf mean to you?”, and “what do you want for the future of Shutaf?”  These questions are important questions to ask ourselves as well.  What does Shutaf mean to us?  How much are we willing to give of ourselves for the future of inclusion programs?  How much will Shutaf be part of our lives even after camp ends?

These kind of conversations do not only have to take place amongst our friends, it should also take place within ourselves, within our souls.  Only after we have established in our hearts what an important and dear cause inclusion is to us, can we move forward to making it a part of our lives.  After their visit, the MKs each wrote such positive things about their experience at Shutaf; hopefully this is the start of a great future for inclusion.


The Tootim:

You may have thought that the Tootim, an all-boys bunk, would not have enjoyed “shaking it” at Zumba, but I have never seen more skilled dancers!  The Tootim had a blast moving their hands and feet to the music, and were able to mirror each step the dance instructor taught.  It was so much fun dancing with them!


During woodworking, the Tootim helped make a knock hockey set, hammering nails into the sides of its wooden frame and sanding it down.  It was amazing to see so many hands working together to complete the project.

The Tootim had a great day! In addition to woodworking and dance, they baked yummy chocolate balls which they covered in rainbow and chocolate sprinkles.  They tried to save them for home but few balls survived that long!  I couldn’t blame them though, the chocolate balls looked delicious!

What another fun day at Camp Shutaf!!

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