Shutaf Camp Day 5 – From Joelle Lang

“The Shutaf Way”

The only way to describe Wednesday would be to say that is was an overall fantastic day.

The camp took shuttles to the pool, where each bunk splashed and swam in the cool water.  Just by listening to the excess of laughter and by seeing the many smiles permanently stamped on the children’s’ faces in the pool, you would realize that this was not just any group swimming in a pool.  This is camp Shutaf and consequently “the Shutaf way” to swim in a pool; where campers are hugging, playfully riding around on their counselors’ backs, radiating happiness and having the time of their lives.


It is similar to every activity at Camp Shutaf – when the campers at Shutaf go to Zumba, you will not see just a cluster of campers dancing to music, instead you will see every camper laughing and smiling, giving it their all and having a fantastic time swaying to the music.  When Shutaf brings in an animal-instructor, you will not see children quietly passing around rabbits, rather you will see excited children cradling each animal, eager to name it and learn more about where it came from.  There is a way to do things, and then there is “the Shutaf way.”


The bunks took turns in the water, though more than one bunk played in the pool at the same time.  This was such a treat for the campers who were able to play with their friends and siblings in other bunks. The campers and counselors even formed a big circle and began to sing and dance like they do in the morning, with one camper swimming inside the circle and choosing a friend to join him.  Once again, it was a very “Shutaf way” to play in the pool.

No Name:

The bunk “No Name,” chose its name because there was just no word that would best describe the bunk.  I have some ideas.  “The Splashers,” “The Creatives,” “The Amazings.” The “No Names” were perhaps the biggest splashers in the pool, and were such a creative and amazing bunk to have had the pleasure of joining for the day.


After all the fun in the pool, the “No Names” used their time drying in the sun to continue a project they had been working on as a bunk.   The “No Names” were making a cake that would look like worms and dirt.  They baked a cake and covered it in green frosting and chocolate covered pretzels to resemble grass and muddy sticks.  Yesterday each member of the bunk received gummy worms that they wrapped around sticks, to be stuck on the cake and eaten at their end of camp goodbye party.  I hope it tastes better than it looks!

What a fantastic day the “No Names” had at Shutaf today!

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