75% of Shutaf  families need financial aid in order to pay for camp tuition. Summer is hard, long, and expensive. Families need YOUR help!

Your gift supports campers with disabilities at the ONLY 3-week, inclusive day camp in August in Jerusalem.

You won’t believe just how fabulously diverse Shutaf campers are; children, teens and young adults with Autism, developmental delays like Down syndrome, physical disabilities like Cerebral palsy, and learning challenges and emotional/behavioral issues. We’ve even got campers without any disabilities at all!

Today, you can make Camp Shutaf a reality for a child with disabilities.
Your gift of $100 provides 1 day of camp for 1 camper.
Your gift of $500 provides 1 week of camp for 1 camper. (That’s just $42 a month!)

At Shutaf, we work at ‘getting it right,’ with each and every camper, especially the ones whose behaviors are the most complex. Shutaf’s caring staff are trained to listen as well as problem solve during challenging moments, like for Shutaf camper, Evan, whose mom, Ruth, told us, “Shutaf handles the problem when it happens, instead of asking me to solve it hours later like his school always does!”

“At Shutaf, nobody ever makes me feel bad, even when I lose my temper.” tells Evan, a 9-year old Shutaf camper with hearing loss and Autism. “The counselors know that sometimes I just need to calm down with a book.” 

Today, you can make Camp Shutaf a reality for children with disabilities. 

And that’s a great feeling! 

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